Jon Robinson on Jadeveon Clowney: You never close the door on anything

When Titans General Manager Jon Robinson held a conference call in early April, he said that the team has had contact with free agent defensive end Jadeveon Clowney but that he didn’t think any deal was imminent.

A couple of weeks have passed and Robinson revisited the topic on Friday. There wasn’t any change regarding his thoughts about a deal getting done, but added “we’ll continue to try and work though things and see how they go.”

“We’ll see,” Robinson said, via the team’s website. “Like I said a couple of weeks ago, we’ve had some discussions there and we’ve had some dialogue back and forth. You never close the door on anything.”

Clowney had core muscle surgery and the inability to have him come in for a visit and physical is one of the hurdles for interested teams to navigate as they decide on pursuing a deal this offseason.