‘Monster’ held girlfriend hostage in flat beating her in horrific 5 hour ordeal

A ‘dangerous monster’ imprisoned his girlfriend in his flat, strangled her until she lost consciousness and beat her with a TV, an ashtray and a broom handle during her five-hour ordeal.

Evil Liam Hawkins, 31, also put his victim’s head under the water in a bath, told her she ‘deserved to die’ and warned her he would ‘make her famous’ if she did not keep quiet.

The young mum’ suffered 31 separate injuries during her horrific ordeal which came to end after she managed to alert police before Hawkins smashed her phone and they stormed his flat in Rusholme, Manchester.

Minshull Street Crown Court heard that the pair met on Facebook and began a relationship a few months later before things soured when Hawkins later became ‘possessive and controlling’, demanding to know where she was and who she was with.

There were claims he had been violent towards her during an incident in July last year, but no further action was taken.

The victim had spent the weekend at his flat, and had planned to leave but agreed to stay longer after Hawkins was unwell.

On the Tuesday morning after the weekend, at about 10am, Hawkins became ‘aggressive’ and said ‘where do you think you’re going?’ when she tried to go home.

Jurors heard the violence unfolded when Hawkins punched her to the back of the head, and a ‘catalogue’ of assaults followed.

Prosecuting, Jonathan Savage said she was repeatedly struck to the head, kicked, spat at and had her hair pulled.

She was strangled, and believed that at one point she had lost consciousness, and Hawkins told her that he was going to kill her, that she ‘deserved to die’ and that he had ‘nothing to lose’.

She tried to call the police. but her calls to 999 were cut short, however she was able to tell operators the postcode of her location, and that she was being attacked.

This was before Hawkins smashed her mobile phone, so she couldn’t use it to aid her escape.

When was able to take refuge in the bathroom, Hawkins broke in rom the outside of the flat and turned the shower on, so the bath filled up with water.

Hawkins ‘held her face in the water’ and told her he was going to kill her while trying to force her mouth open, he broke one of her teeth.

He also strangled her, and she begged him to stop.

Hawkins left the bathroom briefly, before returning.

“She believed he was going to kill her at this point,” Mr Savage said.

At about 2.45pm, the police arrived.

After realising officers were outside, Hawkins told her to tell them that she had decided to have a shower with her clothes on, to explain why she was wet.

He told her to keep quiet, and warned that if she didn’t ‘he would make her famous’.

Police stormed the flat and found the bruised and battered victim on the floor.

The flat was in ‘disarray’, with a broken TV, pieces of a broom and her phone on the floor, all of which Hawkins had used to attack her. An ashtray was also used as a weapon.

The victim suffered 31 separate injuries, and in a statement summarised to the court, said she will ‘never forget that day’.

Mr Savage said that the woman had described Hawkins as a ‘monster’, and said she ‘firmly believed that she was going to die’.

She initially blamed herself, the court heard, but now she says she wants Hawkins to know that ‘the way he treated her was a weakness on his part, not a weakness on her part’.

Since her ordeal she has took part in counselling and has been prescribed medication, the court heard.

Defending, Andrew Jebb said a letter submitted to the court showed a ‘very different side’ to Hawkins’ character.

The court was told Hawkins had suffered from health problems, and that he had an ‘extremely unhappy childhood’.

Sentencing, Judge Tina Landale told Hawkins: “In a sustained attack over a number of hours, she was subjected to repeated acts of violence.

“You told her that you were going to kill her, that she deserved to die and that you had nothing to lose.”

After declaring Hawkins a ‘dangerous offender’, Judge Landale imposed an extended sentence.

Hawkins will have to serve two-thirds of a five year and four month jail term, before the Parole Board considers whether it is safe to release him.

An extended three year licence period and a restraining order were also imposed.

Hawkins, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to false imprisonment, damaging property, threats to kill and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Before police stormed the flat, Hawkins warned the woman that

She was able to alert police to her location before Hawkins smashed her phone.